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Family Discipleship

Family discipleship is crucial and commanded for individual families together in the family of God. To help families grow closer to one another as they grow in their relationship to the Lord, some resources are provided below! (Deut. 6:6)

Bible in 2 Years Plan

Below is a link to a Bible in two years plan, as well as the 7 arrows of Bible study. Each of these resources was created for you and your family to grow together in your relationship with the Lord! 

The Bible in 2 Years plan
The 7 Arrows of Bible study

Bible in a year plan

Below is a link to a Bible in a year plan, the 7 arrows of Bible study, and questions, for you and your family to discuss while you grow in your relationship with one another as you grow closer with the Lord!

The Bible in a Year Plan
The 7 Arrows of Bible study
The Questions

Stored in My Heart a website designed to equip brothers and sisters in Christ with practical biblical resources to practice the spiritual disciplines.  Among the resources you will find on this site are devotionals, exhortations, and memory devices (namely through song) to help you memorize and meditate on Scripture so that you may grow as a disciple of Christ. Stored in my Heart is all about equipping the saints to  abide in God’s Word, delight in God's Word, and obey God’s Word. 

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Acts Prayer Guideline

Prayer Guideline

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Diving Deeper (7 Arrows)

Extended 7 arrows Questions


Fill in the Blank 

For students who are out with COVID

RSM: Family Discipleship


How to use:
Listen to the RSM messages for the corresponding series and then ask the corresponding week's questions from the PDF. 
ex: Listen to the 4th week from Joy, and then ask your students the week four questions from the Joy PDF




New Creations



hiding god's word

Who is God?






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