The Rock Student Ministry

Mission Statement

     The mission for the Rock Student Ministry and Cornerstone Church is that the people of Cornerstone church reach their lost community, grow from their foundation of faith, and make disciples of Christ for God’s glory!

Our vision

     Our vision for the Rock Student Ministry is to glorify God by joyfully obeying His commandments, whether that is sharing the gospel, being made more like Christ, or making disciples who make disciples.

Starting Wednesday

February 10

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Small Group Bible Study

Starting February 14, 2021

RSM: Family Discipleship


How to use:
Listen to the RSM messages for the corresponding series and then ask the corresponding week's questions from the PDF. 
ex: Listen to the 4th week from Joy, and then ask your students the week four questions from the Joy PDF




New Creations



hiding god's word

Who is God?









Resuming on February 7, 2021!

(for location see below)

  • In 2021, we are beginning a new curriculum called the Gospel Project! This study helps students discover how God’s plan of redemption unfolds throughout Scripture and still today, compelling them to join the mission of God. Each lesson points to the redemptive plan of God in Jesus through the entire Bible.  We will split Middle (6-8th grade) and High (9th -12th grade) school when we resume. The middle schoolers will be in room 301 and the High schoolers in room 303. If you are a visitor interested in what we do here at Cornerstone, please come join us for Sunday School.


Wednesday Night Bible Study



Meeting in the Youth Building (C) starting at 7 pm!

  • On Wednesday nights starting February 10th, we will begin the Bible study Chasing Love by Sean McDowell. This gospel-centered tool will guide your students as they navigate many common cultural questions about love, sex, gender, and more. On Wednesdays, we meet with middle school and high school students together, in the youth building. However, we will be separating girls and boys for this study. 




Starting February 7, 2021 at 6 pm 

Location: Youth building

  • During Sunday nights, Middle and High school students participate in worship followed by small group time. We sing two to three songs praising and worshiping God for his goodness and glory, among so many other things. Then after worship we divide into 4 groups, Middle school boys and Middle school girls, and High school boys and High School girls in which we discuss the lessons from Sunday morning, and from Wednesday evening. There are small group questions that go coincide with the teaching from those times that help lead the small group time together.